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Text Box: Networking Solutions
Computer networking is the key to communication in the business community. Use of LAN/WANs has enabled the industry to communicate in a much more efficient way, with speeds that just a short time ago seemed unattainable.  
i-comm can provide your organization with a variety of hardware and software to support your data networking requirements. From PCs and servers to microwave and satellite connectivity, i-comm does it all.  
With the increasing interest in “convergence,” the days of simple data networking are over.  A network can now carry your voice, data and video traffic with minimal configuration.  The proper integration of these systems is the key to achieving business automation.  VOiP paired with network integrity is an important consideration in the implementation of any VOiP system. Let’s see if it’s right for your organization.
i-comm will analyze and audit your network to determine if it’s ready for the future.  IP is the future for all of your business’ communication needs and your network is the core.  
Let i-comm help you advance into the world of converged IP services….